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The Magic: The Gathering Tournament of the year! Come join us on Saturday, August 27th @ 10:00AM, to play against some of the best players in the Gulf Coast area. Compete to win a portion of a large $5,000 cash prize pool, among other amazing prizes! You won’t wanna miss this!

If you plan to play in the Tournament, please provide the information requested below to Gulf Coast Events, LLC. Failure to do so may prevent you from playing in the Tournament at The Gulf Coast Card Show. Walk-in registrations are welcome at the event.

If you have any questions about The Gulf Coast Card Show Magic: The Gathering Tournament, please contact Richard Cobb, at [email protected].

If you have questions about the Tournament, you can contact Richard Cobb by email: [email protected].

The prize pool is contingent on all spots being registered at the time of the tournament. If this is not the case, the amount won during the tournament may be different depending on the amount of players.

The Tournament’s General Entry costs $65. This option includes General Entry into the Card Show.

The Tournament’s VIP Entry costs $85 and includes Entry into the Card Show, A box of Dragonshield Sleeves, and VIP Seating for the entire event day.

* Please note that Decklists are required in COMP and Professional REL *

Yes! Our current side-events for the August 27th show are:

  • Commander Tournament for Double Masters 2022 Draft Box ($25 entry)

  • Pokémon Win a Box Standard ($15 entry)

  • Double Masters Draft ($75 entry)
  • Entry Edison Format Yugioh Win-A-Box! ($15 entry)

  • New Pokémon Format Win-A-Box ($15 entry)

  • Modern Format Win a Box for Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Box ($35 entry)